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Screed Floor is an important element of laying a new floor, providing a smooth and level surface to give you the optimum flooring finish. Here at Screed Floor ltd we have more than twenty years of screed flooring expertise and supply a wide range of screed flooring types to suit a variety of projects and purposes. We also specialise in the installation of under floor heating systems and the integration of these into our screed floors. For more information click the following links, and learn more about the specific products and services we provide.

Screed is the layer between the concrete base of your floor and the finished surface. A well laid and planned floor screed can dramatically improve the performance of you finished flooring and prevent future problems.

We are experts when it comes to all things screed floor. We have decades of experience in the installation of flooring and are one of the leading contractors in the UK. We also stock products from the leading UK brands.

One of the most versatile of screeding solutions, liquid screed is fast drying and quick to install. Your flooring can be ready for foot traffic in less than 48 hours with liquid screed. This is also a great choice if you are installing underfloor heating too.

We are the leading floor screeding contractors in the UK and have a stunning track record on a variety of projects. Screed floors are vital and we have worked in the domestic, commercial and industrial sector to deliver quality floors.

Often used in hospitals, prisons and offices, Supaflo screed is versatile and fast drying. It’s a great solution for areas expecting large volumes of foot traffic or heavy machinery. Long lasting and great value, Supaflo screed wont let you down.

Gyvlon screed is based on a unique anhydrite binder which is a fast drying and environmentally friendly screed flooring solution. Gyvlon screed gives you a hard wearing base that is perfect for underfloor heating.

The free flowing nature of Truflow screed makes it the ideal choice to work in conjunction with underfloor electrical cables and appliances. The short drying time is truly phenomenal and can be ready for use in less than 24 hours.

Hilflow is popular due to its fast drying time and can give a sleek, smooth surface that stands up to wear and tear. It’s particularly popular for commercial use as it causes the minimal amount of disruption for the proprietor.

This is a specially designed screed flooring solution that works together with your underfloor heating to ensure maximum efficiency. It is made to allow the heat to pass through and give you the ability to accurately control the temperature.

Underfloor heating is more popular than ever and is a fantastic energy efficient solution. Popular in homes and buildings with large rooms, underfloor heating is rapidly becoming the number one way to heat your property.

The most traditional method of floor screeding and still one of the best. Concrete screed gives you maximum durability  and can stand up to anything which is why many industrial properties such as warehouses and factories still opt for concrete screed.

We have the products and skills to ensure your floor is functioning at its very best. With floor levelling, we can use free flowing self-levelling liquid screed to sort out any problems you may be having which is vital for commercial properties.

Our team of floor have decades of experience between them and have worked on screed flooring projects across the UK. We are passionate about what we do and take a huge amount of pride in the work that we do.

We can retroactively perform underfloor heating installation or during the construction process. Underfloor heating is a great way to save on energy bills and help the environment as well as effectively heating your home whatever the weather.

Screed flooring is what we do and we do it well. No matter the scale of your project, we can deliver quality screed flooring on time and on budget. People often overlook the importance of screed floors but it can make all the difference to the longevity and performance of your flooring.

We are UK leading floor screeding contractors and are specially chosen by leading UK suppliers to install all manner of screed flooring. From liquid screed to concrete screed we will find the right solution for you.

A quick look at what to consider when you pick a floor screed. We have a wide range of solutions at our disposal for any type of project and your choice of screed will determine how effective your finished flooring will be.

We compare the two most popular screed floor products available on the market today. Both of these screeds are suitable for a range of different applications but have a few major key differences that makes choosing the right one crucial.

Underfloor heating not only saves you money on energy bills but also means you don’t need bulky or unsightly radiators any more. Plus, we now have specially designed underfloor heating screeds to get the best out the system.

The very best choice of screed if you want the job done fast. Free flowing screed can dry and be ready for foot traffic in less than 48 hours in most cases. This is ideal for larger projects that want to save money on labour and time costs.

With Supaflo screed, you have an extremely versatile product ideal for areas where hygiene is a priority such as hospitals or food production factories. Supaflo can also be laid up to 10x faster than traditional floor screeds.

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